10 Ways To Warm Up Without Turning Up The Heater

10 Ways To Warm Up Without Turning Up The Heater

Saving money is high on nearly everyone’s list of priorities these days, and so is doing good for the environment. If keeping your costs down when it’s cold means keeping the thermostat low, read the following tips and still stay warm; there’s no need to freeze just because you’re trying to conserve!

  1. Start with proper insulation. Check around areas of your home where cold air can needlessly come in. Look around windows, doors, the attic and basement and install a layer of insulation or weather stripping. Both are economical in their initial costs and will quickly pay for themselves in savings, not to mention making you feel warmer immediately.
  2. Hit the deck. With carpeting, that is. A floor with rugs scattered about or carpeting installed will help keep cold from coming up and keep occupants feeling warmer. Place rugs around doors where the foundation can present openings and the areas where your bare feet hit the floor the most.
  3. Let the sunshine in. Using windows for solar heating during winter will make an enormous difference in your comfort and make saving money much less painful. Place furniture in direct sunlight where you sit most often and keep anything away from windows that could block the rays.
  4. Bake more in the winter time. Hot muffins, homemade bread and other oven-fresh goodies not only satisfy while warming you up, they make your whole home feel cozy and take the chill off. Check the forecast and plan your baking around the coldest days, keeping in mind that the running around the kitchen you do will also keep you warmer!
  5. Switch to flannel sheets. You probably have a large comforter on your bed for the winter, but adding flannel underneath will work to keep more warmth in and closer to you. Flannel sheets can be purchased fairly cheaply if you don’t look for the first name in fashion or trendy designs. Basic flannel should also last for many years.
  6. Reverse the direction of your ceiling fans. You know that warm air rises, so pulling a switch with your fans will push that warmer air downward, closer to you! Keep them running on their lowest settings and the entire house should feel more comfortable and predictably warm.
  7. Do housework, including laundry. Nothing will warm you up quicker than exercise and since you’ve got to clean the house anyway, do it when the weather outside is at its most brutal. Running the dryer will also up the heat factor, so use that as a weapon against the elements too.
  8. Close-off rooms. Use a central room in your house and devote all of your tactics to keeping that one comfortable. Shut the others off for the season, only going in there when necessary. It will be more efficient and easier, increasing your comfort and payoff.
  9. Enjoy a warm beverage. Herbal tea and hot chocolate are perfect for taking the winter chill off, not to mention soothing. Pick a cold point in the day to sit back and enjoy your favorite hot drink and savor the moment.

Employing green tactics can save you a lot of money during the colder months, but that doesn’t mean you need to be uncomfortable. Use these tips to stay warm so you can really enjoy the savings!

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